Welcome from the Headteacher

It gives me great pleasure on behalf of the staff, pupils and governors to welcome you to our wonderful school.

We are a warm and welcoming one-form entry primary school, located on the picturesque Shoreham Beach peninsula, between Brighton and Worthing.

Everyone feels safe, included and valued. Kindness, restorative practice and strong relationships underpin everything we do.

Everyone is committed to high expectations and aspirations – we want all learners to believe in themselves and become critical thinkers. Having high expectations isn't a skill, it is an attitude.

At Shoreham Beach Primary, there is a passion and love for learning. Our curriculum is bespoke and ambitious for all. Everybody succeeds, everybody matters. No one gets left behind.

We are very proud of our school.


Key priorities for this academic year

  1. Developing subject leaders
  2. Embedding the curriculum so that every child can develop as a critical thinker
  3. Ensuring the impact of reciprocal reading on the quality of writing
  4. Further develop our metacognitive approach to the teaching of maths
  5. Developing the early years environment
  6. Skilling up staff in using metacognition and self-regulation approaches to teaching


Darren Vallier  (Headteacher)