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Saharan Dust

Hello everyone.

I hope you are well.

I’ve always been fascinated by dust. I love to watch it build up in the cylinder of my vacuum cleaner and I love the dust that chalk leaves on black paper.  The Apollo astronauts even reported that lunar dust found inside their landers smelt like burnt gunpowder. However, over the last week my car has been covered in Saharan dust from the Sahara Desert. How exciting is that! Apparently, each year more than 180 million tons of dust gets blown out from North Africa, lofted out of the Sahara Desert by strong seasonal winds and lands in Europe. It’s even contributed to the colourful sunrises and sunsets we’ve seen this week.

Have a look at your car or even your windows and window sills. If you can see yellow dust – it’s from the Sahara Desert. Wow!

Thank you for your lovely comments about this week’s Funky Friday Assembly video. Congratulations to Nina for receiving an Oscar this week. She’s even wearing a yellow hoodie to celebrate the Saharan dust.

Have a great weekend everyone. Sadly, I’m off to get my car washed.

Mr Vallier

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