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The welcoming signs of spring

A child this week said “Did you know Mr Vallier that spring represents new beginnings and hope.”

Although we can still feel the icy chill of winter, there are also hopeful signs of spring. Mornings are lighter and the sun is setting almost two minutes later every day. Snowdrops, Crocuses and Daffodils are visible and there is plenty of activity amongst birds and frogs. When the warmer weather arrives we will also see the first sightings of butterflies and bees as they come out of hibernation. Let’s face it – we could all do with some warmth and sunlight at the moment.

When you’re out on your walks over the half term break – look out for those signs of spring. I guarantee it will make you feel good.

Congratulations to Jenny on receiving an Oscar.


Mr Strugnell’s recipe went down so well last week that I’ve added another one this week.

Chicken Chow Mein


Have a lovely week everyone. Stay safe.

Mr Vallier

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