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Life Is 10% What Happens To You…..

Hello everyone.

I hope you are well.

A few weeks ago I shared with the children the following quote “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it.” They are still talking about it and over the last three weeks I have seen so many children demonstrating resilience and a positive attitude to learning. I have been so impressed. The Governors also mentioned it when they came in to school for the Governors Awareness Afternoon on Tuesday. One Governor described their experience in school as “uplifting” whilst another said “A little bit of magic has been sprinkled on this school. It was a joy to observe!” Thank you Governors and well done staff.

Thank you also to the parents and grandparents who joined us in our weekly Funky Friday Assembly. One parent asked if they could attend even when their child wasn’t getting a Gold Award, Golden Ticket or Oscar. Of course you can – just don’t tell the head!

Congratulations to our Golden Ticketers: Finn and Ella (Seashells Class), Archie and Flynn (Starfish Class), Millie and Sonny (Dolphins Class), Kalindi (Lighthouse Class), Harry and Eva (Coral Class) and Albert and Cody (Ocean Class).

Congratulations also to Nye who received an Oscar. What a year you are having Nye. We are all very proud of you. I was particularly impressed by how your class mates congratulated you. They were also proud of you.

A special mention to Emily and Isla in Coral Class who were so proud to come to the Log Book and share their poems:


Thank you to Rob Biss (SAM Music) who came in and led an assembly with the help of Isla (Keyboard), Louis (Drums) and Jenny (Guitar). Our children were brilliant. It is so pleasing to see so many children learning a range of instruments.


Have a lovely weekend everyone. Enjoy the football.

Mr Vallier

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