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Weekend Blog 10.02.24 – End of Spring 1

Hello everyone.

I hope you are well.

This is the final weekend blog of Spring 1. Once again, it shares what has been happening in school.


Congratulations to Emmy who was presented with an Oscar this week. Emmy is absolutely fabulous. A true role model to the whole class. She is kind, caring and polite to her peers and the adults. She quietly gets on with her learning and doesn’t make a fuss, pushing herself to be the very best she can be, inspiring others along the way. We think she is wonderful!

Gold Awards

Congratulations to Ella, Juliette and Mira who were presented with Gold Awards this week for getting five mentions in the Log Book.

Golden Ticketers

Golden Ticketers this week are: Maeva and Theo (Minnows), Wilf and Lily (Seashells), Ella may and Arthur (Starfish), Hettie and Oakley (Dolphins), Mia-Rose and Iris (Lighthouse), Lily and Eryn (Coral) and Nova and Poppy (Ocean). Well done all of you.

Attendance Matters

Ocean Class achieved the best attendance this week with 97.8%. They chose to have Monkey for the week.

Harley’s Corner

“Hello everyone. Harley Bear here. What a week! I’m exhausted. That’s me asleep below. I’ve seen lots of children and had kisses with Dixie, Mrs Bennett and Cassidy. I had a lovely walk down to the beach and Rocco came and showed me his football medal. I watched Logan, Bow, Stan and Ethan tidy up the library and I spent a bit of time with a group of Year 5 pupils. Have a barking mad half term break everyone. See you tomorrow Grandma!”


I have to share with you the lighting in my office. The children love it! We have ordered three more for the chill-out corners in Years 4, 5 and 6.

These displays caught my eye this week.

Our Library

Although we are still trying to get money to pay for a roof over the courtyard, which in turn will enable us to have a community library space – we would like to say thank you to Bow, Ethan, Stan and Logan who proudly ensure that our current library is looked after and useable.

Year 6 Netball

Well done to our netball team. They played against St. Nicolas and St Mary’s Primary School in the rain. We didn’t win but the team played well and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you, Mrs Thomas, for organising the event.


World Book Day

On Thursday 7th March we will be involved in World Book Day. As a little taster of how important it is to read at home – here’s Daisy helping her little sister Ava with her reading. Well done Daisy.

Connie’s Dance

As promised, here are some photographs of the different classes performing their finished choreographed pieces. Each piece was linked to their learning journey. Thank you to Connie from iSTAR Academy.

Minnows and Cakes

Miss Mann wanted to say how fabulous the Minnows were at making cup cakes this week.

Valentines Day Craft


Have a lovely half term break everyone. And remember….be good, be safe, be kind.

Mr Vallier

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