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Weekend Blog 02.03.24 – Beautiful Things Around Us

Hello everyone.

One of the first flowers to arrive in early Spring is the Daffodil – symbolising renewal and hope. Thank you to Alice in Starfish Class who proudly gave me a Daffodil yesterday for St. David’s Day. I do love seeing that splash of yellow against the grass and trees. Have a good look around you when you are out and about this weekend. Look out for the beautiful Daffodils, beautiful birds, beautiful skies and the beautiful maths (see below).

Thank you to the many parents and grandparents who attended our Funky Friday Assembly. I hope you enjoyed singing along to the end of ‘Lean on Me’ with the House Band. Logan, Stan, Evie, Sammi and Jake created it. Madness!


Congratulations to Layla (Year 2). She has a fantastic learning attitude and she always tries her best. Layla demonstrates a keen interest in the class Learning Journeys. She is kind, caring and will go out of her way to help and support her friends. What I loved in yesterday’s assembly was that her classmates knew exactly who I was talking about when I read out Mr Winstone’s email.  Well done Layla.

Gold Awards

Well done to Jenny and Iris on receiving Gold Awards this week. It was a double whammy for Jenny, who also received a Golden Ticket.

Golden Ticketers

Golden Ticketers this week are: Kiegan and Otto (Minnows), Cass and Charly (Seashells), Aidan and Ella (Starfish), Polly and Orla (Dolphins), Jenny and Logan (Lighthouse), Beatrix and Grace (Coral) and Elyse and Emily (Ocean). Well done to you all.

Attendance Matters

Ocean Class achieved the best attendance this week with 97.2%. They chose to have Jasmine for the week.

As a school we have received an attendance award for being in the top 10% nationally as a result of our attendance during Autumn 2023. Well done everyone – you should feel very proud.



This display caught my eye in Year 6 this week. It’s looking at Beautiful Maths Around Us. Every picture has a maths link. Can you identify the maths? Can you also spot the difference between the two photographs?

Harley’s Corner

“Hello everyone. It’s been a busy week for me (that’s me asleep in the photo below). I spotted a black cat on one of my walks, gave Aurelia in Minnows some kisses, had a good look at Axl and Tash’s work (I gave Axl a kiss) and got called “lovely” by two people as I went for a walk Wednesday lunchtime. Hope you’re okay Grandma.”

Swimming Success

Lily and Theo (both Year 4 pupils) swim for Lancing College Swimming Club and have spent 2 weekends in February swimming in the Sussex County Championships. They had to achieve qualifying times over the past year to be entered and both of them qualified – Lily for 6 and Theo for 12 races. They both showed huge maturity and sportsmanship cheering on fellow teammates. They both completed their races, placing top 3 and winning a number of medals in their age categories. They work on a point system per race and the points are collated and they then rank swimmers in each age category. Both Lily and Theo swam in the 10 and under and both placed second overall for girls and boys.
Both Lily’s parents and Theo’s parents are incredibly proud of the dedication and hard work they put in to achieve this.

Year 3 & 4 Tennis

Our Year 3 & 4 tennis players had a fabulous time showing off their tennis skills at Shoreham Academy on Wednesday. Thank you to Mrs Shukla and Mrs Clarke for ensuring they enjoyed the occasion.

Destination Dance

Lola and Poppy danced at a dance festival a couple of weekends ago and at a dance competition-‘Destination Dance’ last weekend and their group dance came second!
They danced in a group with others in the school: Katie and Cassidy yr5 and Darcey, Bonnie and Emily in yr6.

Walking on Sunshine

I’m going to leave you with a song we are currently learning in singing assembly. Enjoy!

Finally…..don’t forget it is World Book Day on Thursday. I will be uploading photographs and poetry recordings from some of the staff to next week’s blog.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Mr Vallier

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