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Weekend Blog 23.03.24 – Four!

Hello everyone.

Four is the only number that can be spelt with the same number of letters as its value, there were four Beatles, there are four seasons, four cardinal points on a compass, four suits in a standard deck of cards and as a child, our garden backed onto West Hove Golf Course so I used to hear “four!” being shouted many times over a weekend and school holiday. With our Year 3 and 4 children having played golf this week, here are some facts about Tiger Woods:

  1. He first began playing golf at the age of three, he shot 48 for nine holes
  2. He had a stutter as a child and overcame it by playing golf and talking to his dog at nights
  3. At the age of eight, Tiger broke 80 for the first time. Four years later, at the age of 12, he broke 70.
  4. He became the first billion-dollar sportsman

Here are some photos of our golfers. I wonder if we have a Tiger Woods amongst them?!

Dance Showcase

Several children were involved in a dance showcase to the rest of the school and their parents.

Funky Friday Assembly

Thank you to the parents and grandparents who attended our Funky Friday Assembly. It was a little bit different this week. You know anything can happen in a Funky Friday assembly. Thank you to Mrs Maclaine, Jack and Jazmin for doing a fabulous job.


Congratulations to Lincoln (Year 2) on being presented with an Oscar. Lincoln participated in The Great Tommy sleepout. This charity raises money for homeless veterans. It was only meant to be for one night but Lincoln asked to do two as “homeless people don’t have the opportunity to go home”. His words. Well done Lincoln.



Gold Awards

Congratulations to Frances, Sofia and Alana-Mai who received Gold Awards this week.


Golden Ticketers

Golden Ticketers this week are: Raia and Polly (Minnows), Ava and Jeta (Seashells), Lincoln and Izzy (Starfish), Alana-Mai and Stanley (Dolphins), Millie and Hannah (Lighthouse), Aria and Hetty (Coral) Seren and Flo (Ocean).

Attendance Matters

Ocean Class achieved the best attendance this week with 99.3% again.

Year 5 & 6 Netball

Our Netball team played St. Nicolas & St. Mary’s on Thursday. They won two and lost two.


A Visit from a Professional Director

Dermot Boyd the TV Director visited year 5 this week to talk about the role of a director and the projects he has been involved in.

Harley’s Corner

“Hello everyone. What a busy week. Dixie took me out to the park during Parent’s Evening and I’ve spent a bit of time running around the office with my toys. Here’s a dog joke: Why did the dog resign from his job? The work was too ruff! Speak to you tomorrow Grandma”


Have a lovely weekend everyone.


Mr Vallier

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